ENSMET has been established in 2001 with people who are dedicated to high quality electrical material production and marketing for more than 30 years of experience.

ensmet-fabrikaENSMET brand holds quality certificates like CE, TSE (Turkey), ENEC, FIMKO (Finland), and GOST (Russia)for the products being manufactured. The ISO 9001:2008 standard is strictly followed in order to succeed quality in both production and service.

In a very short time the company brand name became well accepted in hospital, school, residential and commercial projects. It is ENSMET’s target to produce products in high quality for exporting to neighbor countries and beyond. ENSMET electrical conduits and distribution boxes are safely used in many of the respectable projects in Turkey. ENSMET has started the consciousness in the market, that human life is not only threatened by the flames but also with the toxic ingredients of plastics escaping in gas form in case of fire. Halogen-free concept and the consequences of halogen gases are well described to electrical materials users. ENSMET is also the exclusive distributor of German switch and socket-outlet and electronic installation materials producer Busch-Jaeger in Turkey. The functionality and exclusive design of Busch-Jaeger is impressive and accepted by everyone. The production of ENSMET is located in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. The production is organized according to continuous high quality level and new product design in high tech machined, computerized and control devised environment. ENSMET’s management principles are customer satisfaction and total quality criteria. The companies target to produce electrical materials which are improved, more technological and making people’s life easier and electrical installations faster